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  1. Beauty 101
    Does doing your own makeup feel intimidating? Does the idea of going into Sephora or Ulta freak you out? Have you struggled in the past with finding the right makeup for you? Do you keep buying products only to be disappointed with the result when you get home? Then this workshop is PERFECT for you! Most women were never really taught how to do makeup. We sort of figure it out as we go along. Instead of throwing your hands in the air and giving up join in this fun, hands-on workshop. You will get step-by-step instruction from a professional makeup artist.
    February 11th
  2. Color Series - Eyes
    Part 1 of the Color Series - Eyes! If you've ever been to one of my other workshops and want more practice, or you feel like you know the basics but need to up your game then this is the perfect workshop for you! In this workshop we will be working on just eye looks. Learn application techniques to complement your eye shape, how to pick colors, and tips on how to make it last. DISCOUNT if you sign up for both the eye and lip class.
    February 19th
  1. Color Series - Lips
    Part 2 of the Color Series - LIPS! Do you know the difference between lipgloss and liquid lipstick? When was the last time you tried a new lip color? Are you scared of a bold red lip? Most people don't put too much thought into what it takes to create a stellar lip look. Let me show you how to build your signature look. But let's not stop there...get a little adventurous, and experiment with different techniques to take you a little out of your comfort zone. DISCOUNT if you sign up for both the eye and lip class.
    February 26th