Welcome to Belle Bohème Beauty, a unique take on the world of makeup and beauty created by me, Giselle Espinet. As an international makeup artist who has worked in New York, LA, Miami, Canada, and the Caribbean for over a decade, I have had the privilege of working along side some of the most talented and respected artists, designers, and creative minds in the industry.

I have spent countless hours talking to people of all walks of life. I have heard the stories about that time you were afraid to walk into the makeup store because you didn't know where to start. Or that time you spent $500 on all the latest and greatest, but now it's collecting dust in a drawer because you forgot what it all does. Or what about the time you had your makeup done for your birthday, but you could never pull that look off on an everyday basis. I could write a book with all the stories (maybe I will one day). I have also been lucky enough to witness the transformation when someone finally feels confident about how they look and feel. My goal is to help more people have that moment.

Being a teacher at heart, it's about way more than just the makeup for me. My goal is to guide and empower people to feel confident with their own skills. I customize hands-on beauty workshops to create a one-of-a-kind experience. From soccer moms to Miss Universe to dancers to CEO's, I believe there is beauty in individuality.

Check out the SERVICES or WORKSHOPS to see if there is something right for you. And remember, if you don't see it, we can create it!